Hypnotherapy is the only form of therapy that engages the whole of the mind, conscious and unconscious (often called the subconscious) Hypnosis is a very natural state and we have all experienced something like it. Think of those moments when you drift into a day dream or become entirely engrossed in a film or book. When you are in a hypnotic trance your awareness is altered but you remain in control. Hypnotherapy is nothing like stage hypnotism. It works by connecting with the unconscious part of your mind. The unconscious is packed with potential. . As we go through our lives the unconscious will take on emotions and beliefs that work for us. But we can also take on others that may have worked but have now stopped being useful and may be causing us to experience difficulties and complications in our lives. By reprogramming (just as we would a computer) the mind and enabling a person to change their behaviour they can be empowered both to be free of the issue in question and to know what they will do differently in the future.


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